"An astoundingly brilliant, incredibly intimate account of struggle and survival, 'Lucky' is a gut-wrenching and fascinating watch." —i-D

“An individual tale of survival that very much speaks to more universal themes of pain and suffering that too many have experienced.” —Indiewire

“Checkoway brings an extraordinary intimacy and sensitivity to her subject… 'Lucky' will make you cry, it will make you angry, and it will challenge your stereotypes.” —Filmmaker Magazine

“Representations of queer women of color in film are still hard to come by, particularly one as intimate and jarring as 'Lucky'. There’s nothing soft about this surprising and brutally honest film.” —Colorlines

“If 'Portrait of Jason' is the portrait of an artist, then so is 'Lucky'. Her self-presentation, her assumed name, and her voracious insistence on her right to define her character make her a living, breathing work of inspiration.” —Film.com

"The film lays bare the discrimination Lucky faces on the daily for looking the way she does, as well as the ripple effects of her horrific foster care upbringing on her life as a grown woman."Dazed

"I really appreciated this earnest story of struggle. When we hear from minorities, poor people or oppressed people, the media privileges the stories that are easy to hear. Yeah, we don’t wanna hear about the queer single mammas who are smoking weed, talking about Lil Wayne, trying desperately to be famous, and telling lies to shelter supervisors about their stories. We talk about people who’ve "made it," people of color and poor people who are "good," "well-behaved," who "play by the rules."... But the messy sagas of the many people who from day one are left to society’s fringes are real stories. I think it’s time for us to hear these stories."Bust